Virtual Stretch Breaks Take Samaritan by Storm

What started as a live stretch break during a recent Teams Joint Managers Meeting has snowballed into Samaritan-wide video presentations led by SamFit’s Health & Fitness Specialist, Brady Vernon.   

 Vernon was asked to provide a stretch break for a manager’s meeting after creating a similar live break for a meeting of clinicians. Shortly after, the demand for the stretch break videos evolved from the one-time event into a video series of six episodes with more planned. The videos are uploaded onto YouTube for easy access.   

 “It was well received live,” said Vernon. “Then it was proposed by my manager to start a video series.”   

 Vernon starts all his stretching routines with a march followed by guided breathing.   

 “I keep it really simple,” said Vernon, who is a certified personal trainer. “This is more than trying to create mobility. This is about increasing your happiness throughout your workday.”   

 With conditions around the COVID-19 pandemic creating more of a sedentary work environment, stretching and movement is a priority to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even a five-minute break helps.   

 “Just move your body a little bit, feel good,” said Vernon. “Too much sitting and looking, especially at a computer screen without walking turns you into that sympathetic nervous system state.”   

 “As soon as you start walking, you can move back into that parasympathetic state,” said Vernon.  “This will increase your overall well-being throughout the day.”   

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